Personalized Necklaces - Why Are Name Necklace So Popular?

The name necklace.
Personalized name necklace first came into fashion in the 80's when teenagers and school girls started wearing them. At that time it was a symbol of the rap culture which was popular as well as a sign of wealth because name necklaces had to be made to order and were quite expensive. This fashion has been revived by stars such as Jennifer Lopez and Sarah Jessica Parker who are sporting them again and the trend is becoming very popular among fashion conscious women everywhere.
There is nothing more personal as far as jewelry is concerned than a name necklace and any woman would love to be presented with one that has her name on it. The mere fact that the giver went to all that trouble to have a custom made necklace for her will surely make it extra special for the wearer who will be wearing it close to her heart whenever she can.
Most jewelers offer customized services and you can get their in-house designer to craft a necklace with the name of the recipient. It can be simple and straightforward or intricately crafted as you wish with coloured stones or birth stones and delicate filigree work added. Jewelry shops normally have a collection of name necklaces available from which you can choose your design but have the name changed.
Remember when ordering a name necklace that it takes time for each little segment to be crafted and fitted together. Keep that in mind and place the order well in time so that you will receive it in time for the occasion you are ordering it for. Another important point to keep in mind is the spelling of the name. Just imagine, after going to all that trouble and expense in ordering such a valuable necklace, if it comes back with the name spelt wrong? I'm sure you wouldn't want to go through the hassle of returning it or having it re-done and with resultant expenses involved. Make sure you give the correct spelling and double check to ensure that the item you receive is what you ordered.
A personalized name necklace makes a lovely gift for someone you really care about. It will be there forever and the wearer will think of you every time she wears it and remember you with love and affection.
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